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10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE - Master Stylist

Meet Jordy, a highly skilled local hairdresser renowned for her expertise in precision haircuts and colour mastery. With a keen eye for detail, Jordy approaches each haircut with a commitment to creating personalized styles that complement the clients' features and lifestyle.

Specializing in precision, whether it's sharp bobs, textured layers, or intricate pixie cuts, Jordy's skill lies in delivering flawless and tailored haircuts.

Though beyond the scissors, her proficiency in colour work showcases a rich palette of possibilities. From subtle highlights to bold transformations, Jordy excels in bringing clients' visions to life through the artful application of colour.

With a reputation for precision and an artistic touch, Jordy is a 'go to' professional for those seeking a harmonious balance of impeccable cuts and captivating colour.

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