Looking to reduce frizz and blowdrying time while adding shine and smoothness? Look no further! Introducing QiQi, a hair relaxant treatment like no other!




How is ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant’ different from other straightening/smoothing treatments?

QiQi Hair Relaxant’s proprietary formula uses an organic acid that penetrates the cortex of the hair, softening the disulfide bonds gently without damage unlike older thio-based straighteners and relaxers that break the disulfide bonds and create damage in the hair fiber, while keratin treatments put a temporary coating on the outside layer of the hair and do not affect the disulfide bond, creating a temporary effect. 


Is ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant’ a permanent treatment?

Some QiQi Hair Relaxant services can create permanent changes to the structure of the hair. Clients can expect a soft line of demarcation from the regrowth. However, this is only if the hair is healthy enough to absorb the treatment and tolerate high temperatures. Hair that is excessively damaged and cannot tolerate high temperatures, may see results last up to 4 months.


Who is not a candidate for ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant’?

QiQi Hair Relaxant is safe for all hair types and chemically treated hair and will not cause additional damage. However, there are some instances where we do not advise using QiQi Hair Relaxant. Excessively bleached or damaged hair that cannot tolerate high ironing temperatures and hair previously treated with henna, that prevents QiQi Hair Relaxant from penetrating the cortex of the hair. Always use your professional judgement.


What is the typical duration for a ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant’ service in salon?

The duration typically varies based on factors such as hair length and thickness, though, on average it may take up to 3.5 HOURS to complete the treatment. To get an accurate estimate for your unique needs, consult with your stylists during a professional consultation.


When can I wash my hair following the ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant’ treatment? 

We recommend leaving your hair as is for 48 HOURS, also avoid tying your hair back with hair ties and clips as this may cause the hair to kink.


Is ‘QiQi Hair Relaxant' the same as a keratin treatment?

Not at all. QiQi Hair Relaxant employs a distinct technology that transforms your hair's texture from within, while keeping your hair undamaged. With QiQi Hair Relaxant, you have the power to achieve your ideal hair look, with the level of change entirely in your hands. It's a fully customizable experience!


When should I come back for a re-touch?

Every clients different, the re-touch is based on the client's finish, minimal control, moderate control or maximum control. The client's wave pattern will determine the timeline of their re-touch and will vary between 8 months for curly hair and up to 10 months for wavy hair.


What home haircare should I use? 

The choice is yours, simply avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulfates/silicons.


Can I swim in chlorine?

Yes! You can swim in chlorine and salt water, washing your hair as per usual afterwards, wahoo!